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We work with clients to explore all group retirement options and make a decision based on objective factors (IMFs and returns), as well as subjective factors that impact the plan member experience. 

We regularly survey the market to verify that the fees our clients pay are in line with the plan’s asset base, and we proactively solicit fee reductions with the provider. 

We ensure that our clients have access to top performing funds and that plan members are able to easily access these funds when appropriate for their investment mix.

We believe that plan member education is the key to any plan’s success. We offer a variety of presentations to our clients, ensuring plan sponsors not only meet their fiduciary obligations, but engage their plan members to proactively secure their future.

For many of our clients we offer one-on-one financial planning meetings with their members. This gives us an opportunity to review investments with plan members directly and assist them with financial planning matters including, but not limited to, their group retirement program. We understand that financial health is holistic, and we see that plan members are more engaged and successful with their group retirement program if they work with a financial planner on an annual basis. This has the dual benefit of not only assisting the plan members directly, but it also increases contributions to the plan, which benefits all stakeholders.

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