Be free to choose the financial products and plans that best serve your interests.

Optimum performance with sustainable costs in employee benefits, group retirement savings and executive financial strategies.

Redcliffe & Company draws on three generations of insurance industry expertise to ensure that you get exactly the products and programs you need – and full value for what you pay.

Redcliffe provides clarity by using our market knowledge and service customization to meet your needs – your purpose. And we deliver those services efficiently, with full transparency about the true cost of your insurance and the compensation we receive.

Redcliffe’s goal is to help you achieve a higher level of performance from your group plans. We do so by acting as an extension of your organization that is continuously advocating for your interests – not those of the provider.

We recommend Christopher Redcliffe for his professionalism and integrity to any firm seeking transparency and excellence in their benefits work.

Carmen Arndt, Managing Director, Lindsay Kenney LLP
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