Disability Insurance

Protect you and your family for the long-term.

Disability Insurance provides long-term protection for you and your family when you suffer loss of income due to disability from either accident or illness, or both.

We think everyone should consider disability insurance, even if you have no dependents. Without such protection, you would need to depend on government benefits that subsidize only a fraction of your pre-disability income. It’s powerful protection from loss of income that could radically change your lifestyle, or lead to financial ruin.

We can custom design a disability insurance plan – with guaranteed coverage and premiums – based on your gender, age and income, as well as your occupational class. While Workers Compensation covers only work-related accidents, and Employment insurance lasts for only 15 weeks, Disability Insurance can protect you and your family for the long-term. All we need to quote is your gender, age, income, occupation and education.

We particularly enjoy the transparency on the costs associated with our plan, including the compensation Redcliffe & Company receives.

Phil Graham, Manager, Shawnigan Lake Secondary School
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