Life Insurance

Get unbiased and professional advice while accessing all insurers in Canada.

The life insurance marketplace can be a minefield. You could easily pay up to 200% more if you buy from agency (or captive) salespeople instead of a broker. You could also be drawn in by low online “bait and switch” quotes. Redcliffe & Company offers you the advantage of an in-house Chartered Life Underwriter with over 35 years of experience. Whether buying term-insurance to cover your mortgage or exploring life insurance as a long-term planning strategy, Redcliffe & Company has experienced and professional brokers to help you navigate the quoting process.

Our sound due diligence helps you make better choices.

Our unbiased brokers start by analyzing your particular cash needs that life insurance can provide. Typically there are six needs at death for someone with dependents: Mortgage, Emergency and Education funds, Dependency Period Income, Spouses Income, and Funeral Costs. Those without dependents may need insurance for business purposes or they may want permanent insurance to lock in preferred rates offered at a younger age and accumulate a cash value within the insurance policy to increase future financial flexibility.

Term Insurance or Permanent Insurance – or a hybrid of the two — can meet your family’s cash needs at death. Our brokers can help you develop a sound financial plan that is right for you, whether Term Life (10, 20 or 30 year), or Participating Whole Life, Term 100 or Universal Life.

Redcliffe & Company has assisted us in solving complex issues with executives and U.S.-Canada coverage placements. Any U.S. or Internationally headquartered company would be well served to have Redcliffe co-ordinate your Canadian coverage.

Jasmine Marchant, Director of Human Resources, Edgewater Casino
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