Critical Illness Insurance

A one-time lump sum tax-free benefit for survivors of a critical illness.

People who survive a critical illness such as cancer, stroke or heart disease don’t lose their life, but often do lose their life savings.

Critical Illness insurance provides you with a one-time, lump sum, tax-free benefit should you be diagnosed by a qualified physician or specialist with one of the illnesses covered by your policy — and survive.

We can design a custom Critical Illness plan that complements your Life and Disability Insurance plans. Critical Illness Insurance coverage varies greatly from policy to policy and the term of the policy may also vary with some policies covering you to age 65, age 75, or for life.

I strongly recommend Redcliffe & Company to any benefits provider or client seeking to partner with a motivated and thoughtful benefits team with an exceptional amount of expertise in the field of employee group benefits.

Victoria Stebbings, GBA, Manager, Group Sales & Business Development, BC Region (Retired), The Co-Operators
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